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六月 12, 2020

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U.S. Diplomatic Leadership in Support of Women, Peace, and Security


For decades, American diplomats have supported women as leaders in efforts to prevent conflict, counter terrorism and violent extremism, and promote security around the world.  In 2017, the United States became the first government in the world to enact comprehensive legislation on the role of women in peace and security, which the Department of State is committed to fully operationalizing through its Plan to Implement the U.S. Strategy on Women, Peace, and Security.

数十年来,美国外交人员一贯支持妇女在防止冲突,抗击恐怖主义和暴力极端主义,以及促进世界各地安全的努力中发挥领导作用。2017年,美国就妇女在和平与安全事务中发挥的作用颁布综合性立法,成为第一个制定相关法律的政府。国务院承诺通过《美国有关妇女、和平与安全战略的执行计划》(Plan to Implement the U.S. Strategy on Women, Peace, and Security)全面实施这项立法。