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Weather Alert: U.S. Consulate General Shanghai (September 13, 2022)
September 13, 2022

Location: Eastern China

Event: On September 13, the China Meteorological Administration issued an orange – level 2 – typhoon warning for Typhoon Muifa.  Typhoon Muifa is forecasted to make landfall on the coast of Zhejiang province the afternoon or evening of September 14.  Strong winds and moderate-to-heavy rain are forecast for Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui.  Severe weather for the region is forecasted for September 13-15, with the storm having sustained winds of up to 100 mph.

Heavy rain and gusty winds are expected in Shanghai with winds on land from 24-46 mph and coastal areas reaching up to 46-73 mph.  The storm in Shanghai is expected to have cumulative rain of 2-3 inches, with some areas reaching up to 4-6 inches.  The impact is expected to weaken beginning Thursday.