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UPenn Quakers as first Ivy League football Team to play in China exemplifies sports diplomacy
March 9, 2019

American Football League of China All-Stars
American Football League of China All-Stars

Despite the final lopsided 85-0 win for the U-Penn Quakers over the American Football League of China All-Stars, the 2019 Ambassadors Bowl capped off a week of sports diplomacy. The historic game, which drew a capacity crowd of 3,200, marked the first time for an Ivy League school to play a game of football on the gridiron in China. PAS Shanghai worked with the visit organizer to brand the event, linking 150 years of college football to 40th anniversary of U.S.-China diplomatic relations.  PAS Shanghai facilitated the inclusion of Special Olympic athletes from nearby schools in a two-hour sports clinic that preceded the game. We further produced a video to feature on consulate social media platforms, featuring CG Stein as well as the U-Penn coach and players, including a Chinese-speaking outside linebacker. In the initial 24-hour period, the video garnered 11,000 views, four reposts, three comments, and 15 likes. The team’s eight-day visit to China embodied the fundamental spirit of public diplomacy, with an emphasis on broadening minds and creating a bridge between peoples. Click here to watch the video