United States Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

On March 2nd, I had the honor of being sworn in as the 14th Secretary of Energy of the United States, representing the Administration of President Donald J. Trump. My job is to promote the development of a diverse and reliable American energy portfolio, ensure the resiliency of our energy infrastructure, and to continually push the boundaries of current scientific knowledge with advanced research and development. In America, President Trump has already taken swift action to expand energy production and grow jobs through regulatory reform and the America First Energy agenda. We are also aware that vital to almost every one of our missions at the Department of Energy is the work we do with our partners in the international community.

This week, I have travelled to Japan for a series of meetings with various representatives from one of our closest partners in the region. From Japan, I will travel to Beijing to participate in the Clean Energy and Mission Innovation Ministerial meetings. My goal there will be to strengthen the energy alliance between the U.S., China and our partners around the world. In today’s world, strong, domestic economic growth goes hand in hand with global economic growth. The United States is an energy leader, fully committed to partnering with the private sector, the scientific community, academia and others to pursue secure, affordable, and reliable clean energy for all, while growing the global economy and protecting our environment. The Trump Administration believes we can achieve each of these goals. I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss these important issues with my international counterparts and finding ways that we can work together to achieve our shared goals.

The United States is a global leader in energy technology, innovation, and investment. I have a strong record of advocating for renewables, such as wind and solar, but also for other essential energy sources and technologies. The Trump Administration will continue to promote fossil fuels and renewable power and greater development and deployment of nuclear energy.  By pursuing technological advancements in all of these sectors, we will continue to ensure our energy portfolio is diverse, efficient, and sustainable.

The United States’ growing shale gas industry offers us a prime example of how development of clean and efficient technologies can change the domestic and international energy landscape. Unlocking America’s shale reserves has generated wealth and jobs across the United States., and enabled the United States to achieve the largest drop in emissions of all countries in 2016. It has also transformed the United States from a net LNG importer to a net exporter. Our companies can, and already have, exported U.S. LNG to our international trading partners, including China. This bilateral energy trade was an important element of President Trump and President Xi Jinping’s 100-Day Action Plan. We hope to build on that dialogue during the upcoming ministerials.

The Trump Administration is eager to partner with China on policies that deliver a reliable, clean, and affordable energy future.  Most important, the U.S. team will ensure that American jobs, innovation, and energy are at the forefront of the Clean Energy and Mission Innovation Ministerials.  We will demonstrate that we are the shining example to the world.  By unleashing our domestic energy sector, we are creating, and will continue to create, well-paying, middle-class jobs and economic prosperity, protecting our environment, promoting innovation, and strengthening energy security for America and our allies.