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TESOL Master Class Webinar Series 3
Academic Writing for Publication
August 29, 2022


We are pleased to offer the third series of TESOL Master Class Webinars which will address English academic writing with the theme of Academic Writing for Publication.

In this six-session webinar series, the speaker will discuss and demonstrate how to address various important but challenging issues involved in academic writing for publication by drawing on his own experience both as an extensively published author and a seasoned frequent reviewer for over 20 different SSCI journals in linguistics/applied linguistics.

As requested, we have uploaded the recordings of all 6 sessions on RELO Weibo . Feel free to watch them and share with colleagues if you missed any live sessions.




Academic Writing: Genre and Styles, Introduction, Literature Review, and Citation


Vocabulary and Grammar in Academic Writing: Challenges and Strategies for Overcoming Challenges


Coherence and Cohesion in Academic Writing


Suitable Research Topics/Journals and Appropriate Research Designs/ Methodologies


Responding to Editors’/Reviewers’ Comments/Revision Requests and Making successful revisions


Essential Corpus Analysis Methods/Techniques for Academic Research