A Proclamation on Women’s History Month, 2021

A Proclamation on Women’s History Month, 2021 MARCH 01, 2021 • PRESIDENTIAL ACTIONS Each year, Women’s History Month offers an important opportunity for us to shine a light on the extraordinary legacy of trailblazing American women and girls who have built, shaped, and improved upon our Nation.  Throughout American history, women and girls have made vital contributions, often in the face of ...
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President Donald J. Trump Proclaims March 2018 as Women’s History Month

Our history is rich with amazing stories of strong, courageous, and brilliant women.  Since America’s founding, women have played an integral part in American innovation and productivity, while simultaneously raising generations of lively children and providing leadership in their local communities. Time and time again, women have demonstrated resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges.  America’s ...
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