Joint Statement on Advancing Responsible State Behavior in Cyberspace

Information technology is transforming modern life, driving innovation and productivity, facilitating the sharing of ideas, of cultures, and promoting free expression. Its benefits have brought the global community closer together than ever before in history.  Even as we recognize the myriad benefits that cyberspace has brought to our citizens and strive to ensure that humanity ...
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On the Ministerial Meeting on Advancing Responsible State Behavior in Cyberspace

Special Briefing John J. Sullivan Deputy Secretary of State Robert Palladino Deputy Spokesperson Robert L. Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cyber and International Communications and Information Policy Lotte New York Palace Hotel New York, NY September 28, 2018 MR PALLADINO: Thank you, again – all of you – for coming. Welcome today’s roundtable discussion. We are privileged ...
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