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Statement from NSC Spokesperson Adrienne Watson on the U.S.-PRC Counternarcotics Working Group
January 30, 2024

JANUARY 28, 2024

Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Homeland Security Advisor Jen Daskal will lead an interagency U.S. delegation to Beijing, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on January 30-31, to launch the U.S.-PRC Counternarcotics Working Group.  The Counternarcotics Working Group is part of ongoing efforts to resume bilateral cooperation to combat global illicit drug manufacturing and trafficking, including of synthetic drugs like fentanyl, at the direction of President Biden and President Xi Jinping. 

The U.S.-PRC Counternarcotics Working Group will provide a platform to facilitate ongoing coordination designed to tackle the illicit production, financing, and distribution of illicit drugs, and to support bilateral enforcement actions.

The delegation includes high-level officials from the Department of Homeland Security,  Department of Justice, Department of State and the Department of the Treasury.