Background Briefing with a Senior Administration Official on National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s Visit to China

OPENING STATEMENT:  National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice

at her meeting with PRC President Xi Jinping

July 25, 2016, Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China

NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR RICE: Thank you very much, Mr. President, I am very grateful for your warm welcome, receiving me again, and I bring you warmest greetings from President Obama and Mrs. Obama to you and Madam Peng.  The President is very much looking forward to visiting you again in Hangzhou.  He is looking forward to a successful G-20 Summit and to your bilateral discussions.  We view the U.S.-China relationship as the most consequential in the world today and we believe that as we’ve demonstrated, we have the capacity to make important progress when we cooperate effectively on issues of global concern, and we have the capacity to address and resolve our differences responsibly.  We view China’s success as being in America’s interest, given our growing interdependence and we look forward to showing that we are uniquely capable of galvanizing global efforts to address difficult problems when we are able to, and we’ve demonstrated that repeatedly on climate change, on development, on denuclearization, and nonproliferation, and we think there’s much more work we can do well together.  Mr. President, at the same time we are confronting our differences with candor and clarity and we believe that clarity produces predictability, and predictability produces stability, and I am very grateful for the very productive meetings that I’ve had with your colleagues today.