Opening Statement: National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice at her meeting with PRC State Councilor Yang Jiechi

July 25, 2016, Diaoyutai, Beijing, China


NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR RICE: Good morning and it’s been really good to be back in Beijing.  This is my fourth visit as National Security Advisor; that’s three independently and one of course in addition with the President, and look forward to coming back in September.  I’m grateful to you Mr. State Councilor and many colleagues here in Beijing for hosting us and for extending such warm and generous hospitality to me and my delegation.  I have found my visits on each occasion to be very valuable in preparing for key meetings of our leaders, but also for enabling us to delve deeply into areas where we are expanding and deepening our cooperation and also working to manage differences carefully.  I find our discussions to be wide ranging and strategic and I think we have developed a working relationship that is very fruitful and I’m grateful to you and your colleagues for it.  I look forward to our discussions today and would note that the work that we have done together has already yielded a great deal of progress in taking U.S.-China cooperation to unprecedented levels.  This year now we can look back over the past several years to note that U.S.-China cooperation was instrumental in tackling the global challenge of climate change and achieving successful negotiations in Paris.  We’ve worked together on global health issues and particular challenges like the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and we have at the same time managed to strengthen and deepen our cooperation on issues ranging from development to non-proliferation and also at the same time worked to improve our cooperation in areas like the military to military realm.  And yet we also find ourselves facing global issues and challenges and to the extent that we are able to surface those challenges in candor and openness. I’m confident that we will be able to work on them as we have many others in the past.  I look forward to the success of our presidents meeting in Hangzhou and to the success of the G-20.  I’m confident that our work today will lay a strong foundation for positive outcomes out of both those sessions.  Thank you.