Ambassador’s Opening Remarks at the Second U.S.-China Bilateral Cyber Ministerial

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Good morning.

I’d like to thank State Councilor Guo for hosting us here today for our second High-Level Dialogue on Cybercrimes and Related Issues.

Secretary Johnson and Attorney General Lynch regret that they cannot be here with us.  They are managing the U.S. response to the tragic events in Orlando.

The Attorney General and I, with Secretary Johnson on the phone as well, had an opportunity to meet and talk with Secretary Meng Jianzhu yesterday morning, before the Attorney General’s return to the United States.  We are grateful for that quickly arranged meeting.

Holding this dialogue for the second time in the past six months shows the seriousness with which the Obama Administration approaches the issue of cooperation with China to address cyber security issues.

I know how strongly the President himself feels about this cooperation.  I was there in Washington last fall when he concluded the agreement with President Xi.  President Obama and I both regard this issue with the utmost importance.  We are here today to ensure implementation of the commitments made between our two Presidents.

Implementation of these commitments demonstrates that we can turn areas of difference into areas of cooperation, like our joint work to support the inclusion of a cyber outcome in the November G20 communique that all states should refrain from cyber-enabled theft for commercial gain.

We look forward to productive discussions today.  We hope this will lead to additional concrete outcomes as we implement the commitments of our two Presidents.

Deeper law enforcement cooperation, particularly on cyber issues, is an important element of our bilateral relationship that will help us build mutual trust.  We are here to work hard together with you to narrow our differences.

Let me now turn to Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz and Under Secretary Suzanne Spalding from the Department of Homeland Security to introduce themselves and their teams and say a few words to get us started.

Thank you.