Press Statement at Meeting of U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice with President Xi

Thank you very much, Mr. President.  Thank you for welcoming me and my delegation.  Thank you for the good and hard work of your team of colleagues with whom we have had very productive conversations. It is my honor to be back in Beijing on behalf of President Obama and to prepare for your very important State visit next month to Washington, D.C. President Obama and Mrs. Obama are very much look forward to welcoming you and Madame Peng.  It will be a great opportunity following President Obama’s very successful visit to Beijing last year to strengthen and deepen our cooperation.

As you pointed out, there are many, many issues on the global stage and in the bilateral relationship where our potential ability to make progress together is great, and where the benefits of our doing so redounds not only to the people of the United States and China, but to the people of the world.   At the same time, we obviously have issues of difference and some difficulty that we, as you acknowledged, need to work through and we will continue to do so.  And I look forward to our discussions and your visit to Washington as a milestone in deepening our cooperation and the strength of our relationship.