Opening Statement: PACOM Commander Admiral Harry Harris at his meeting with PLA General Fan Changlong

November 3, 2015, Ba Yi Building, Beijing, China

ADM Harris:  Thank you very much for receiving me today.  It is indeed good for me to be back in China.  As you mentioned, I was in Qingdao last year.  I am especially pleased at our Ambassador, Ambassador Max Baucus to make time in his schedule to accompany me.  He is a statesman and a diplomat, and I am just a military guy.  I believe that both of our nations are fortunate indeed that Max Baucus is the Ambassador of the United States to China.

So this meeting is one of main examples where I believe we have made good progress on broadening cooperation between our nations and between our militaries.  So even today, we have Chinese ships visiting Florida and California.  In fact, we will have 33 military interactions over the next two weeks.

While there are areas of disagreement, our desire is to deepen cooperation while managing our differences.  This is something Admiral Sun and I discussed when I recently hosted him in Hawaii and something General Fang and I discussed in depth just a few minutes ago.  Sustained military dialogue is vital to our relationship, so I look forward to sharing perspectives with you.  Thank you for welcoming us.