Keeping the Memory Alive

It is important to continue to study and honor the shared history of the United States and China during World War II. Here you can view photos from U.S. Consulate Chengdu’s visits to historic sites around Southwest China.

If you are interested in visiting historic WWII sites in Southwest China, below are a list of some of the museums and monuments dedicated to this period. Where possible, we have provided a web link for additional information.


  • Stilwell Museum –  重庆史迪威博物馆
  • Flying Tigers Museum, 抗战飞虎队纪念馆

Sichuan Province

Yunnan Province

Guizhou Province

  • “The 24 Turns” /The Stilwell Road (Qinglong County in Qian Xi Nan prefecture 黔西南州) – “二十四道拐”/史迪威公路