Spreading Joy on Intellectual Property Day in Shanghai

In celebration of World Intellectual Property Day, the Shanghai Public Affairs Section teamed up with the Shanghai Patent and Trade Office and the Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) to host a special screening of the movie Joy— a critically acclaimed film that follows the true story of a woman who built her own business from an innovative idea.  Michael Mangelson, Intellectual Property Attaché at U.S. Consulate Shanghai and William Feng, Vice President for Asia-Pacific and head of MPAA in Greater China, first gave an overview in Chinese of the importance of Intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, and then led a discussion of the Intellectual Property (IP) elements in the movie to increase public awareness of how IP can affect the lives of average Americans.  Following the screening, Mangelson and Feng conducted a lively Q&A with the 80 people audience members. To learn about our upcoming events please follow us on Douban or Wanshe.