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Information for I-730 Applicants
August 10, 2021

I-730 applicants can download their forms by using the following links:

DS-1810 (English)
Pre-Departure Marriage Form (English)

Special Notes

An English translation of any document written in another language is required. A translation does not need to be notarized but it must include a statement by the translator certifying that the translation is accurate and that the translator is competent to translate.  It should also include the translator’s full name and contact information. The translator should not be a party to the petition.

DHS-USCIS Guangzhou does not review or adjudicate cases or determine the sufficiency of evidence that is sent by email. If you are responding to a request for evidence or a notice of intent to deny, you should send your response to us by mail. (You may wish to send it by EMS so that you can track your package.) All of the information should be sent at one time.

Medical Examination Instruction

We will notify you when you should obtain a medical examination. All members of your family who intend to immigrate to the United States at this time must complete a medical examination. This includes all children, regardless of age.

You should arrange to undergo your medical examination at a hospital listed below. Medical examinations conducted at other hospitals will not be accepted. You must go to the hospital to have your examination before your interview. Each person who is examined must bring a passport and four photographs of himself or herself to give to the examining physician.

You must have a medical clearance and report of examination at the time of the interview. We strongly suggest you go to the hospital at least 4 days before the appointment date, as some tests can take up to 3 days.

Health Care Center of Guangzhou International Travel
4F, 5/F East Tower, Poly Bld, No. 59 Huali Rd, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
Tel: (020) 81219500 / 81219513
Website: http://gzwbzx.com/
Basic fee: RMB1300 for adult, RMB1500 for child aged 2 to 14, RMB700 for child aged under 2

Fujian Provincial Hospital (South Branch)

No. 516 Jinrong South Road, Fuzhou, Fujian
Tel: (0591) 88619601 / 88619602
Website: http://cgtj.fjsl.com.cn/
Basic fee: RMB1400 for adult, RMB1500 for child aged 2 to 14, RMB900 for child aged under 2

Shanghai International Travel Medical Center

2F. Bld 3, No. 15 Jin Bang Road, Shanghai
Tel: (021) 62688851
Website: https://online.shhg12360.cn/sithc/
Basic fee: RMB1300 for adult, RMB1500 for child aged 2 to 14, RMB900 for child aged under 2

Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center
20 Hepingli North Street, Dongcheng Dist., Beijing
Tel: (010) 82005029 / 82003383
Website: http://www.beijingithc.org.cn/
Basic fee: RMB1248 for adult, RMB1445 for child aged 2 to 14, RMB705 for child aged under 2