PAS Shanghai Supports City’s First-Ever International Deaf Film Festival

Shanghai Mainland China’s first-ever deaf-led film and arts festival, the Shanghai International Deaf Film Festival (SHIDFF), took place September 21-23 in Shanghai. PAS provided funding to support American deaf filmmaker, Joel Barish, to participate in workshops, trainings, and film screenings during the festival. Working collaboratively with the organizers, he will co-produce a documentary on the history film festival in China. SHIDFF screened two of his films, Deaf People in Tibet and We Are Deaf. Joel is active on cultural awareness, social inclusion, advocacy for global deaf community. Other international SHIDFF festivals include German, British, Austrian Consulates. Recently, SHIDFF pioneered the first commercial Chinese Sign Language interpreted performance of the for Kinky Boots’s international tour through Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing.