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Excerpts: Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Abe of Japan in Joint Press Conference
May 28, 2019

President Trump and Prime Minister Abe of Japan in Joint Press Conference
President Trump and Prime Minister Abe of Japan in Joint Press Conference

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Prime Minister Abe, the First Lady and I are profoundly honored to return to this very beautiful nation as Japan’s first state guests following the enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor.  On behalf of the United States, we want to thank the Imperial Family for this gracious invitation and warm welcome.  It was really wonderful.
Japan’s time-honored customs and exquisite culture fill us with a deep sense of admiration.  I want to thank all of the people of Japan for welcoming us to this week and sharing your beloved heritage.  It is truly an incredible heritage.

This visit has also been a chance for Prime Minister Abe and me to strengthen our close friendship and the friendship between our two nations.  The alliance between the United States and Japan is a cornerstone of stability and prosperity in the region and all around the world.

The Prime Minister and I continue our close consultation in pursuit of peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.  The essence of our approach is peace through strength.  And this is a strong alliance indeed.  The U.S.-Japan alliance is steadfast and ironclad.  We want peace and we want stability.  We continue to hope that Chairman Kim seizes the opportunity to transform his country through denuclearization.  It is a country with tremendous economic and other potential.


Our nations are also cooperating on a number of other vital security issues.


America and Japan’s close security ties are grounded in shared values.  Our armed forces train and serve together all around the world.  Tomorrow, I will visit American troops stationed alongside the Japanese Self-Defense Forces right here in Japan.
On behalf of all Americans, I want to thank the Japanese people for graciously hosting our service members and military families.
The United States and Japan are also working to improve our economic relationship based on the principles of fairness and reciprocity.