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Current Consulate Wuhan in New World Trade Tower

The Consulate General of the United States in Wuhan was re-established in 2008 under the provisions of the 1981 U.S.-China Agreement on Consular Facilities. The United States previously had a Consulate in the Hankou area of Wuhan dating from 1861 until its closure in 1949.  During World War II, the Hankou Consulate served as the U.S. Embassy for a period of time.  The Consulate General currently focuses on providing emergency services to American citizens in the region, promoting U.S. exports and fostering other aspects of our commercial and economic relations, and expanding cultural and educational exchanges between the U.S. and central China.  The groundbreaking ceremony for the Consulate General’s new office space in Wuhan was held on February 10, 2017.  The Consulate General expects to open its new office and provide full consular services.


Early History

The Old Building of the U.S. Consulate in Hankou

Following the Treaty of Tianjin, the United States expressed its intention to open a consulate in the newly designated trading port of what would become Hankou in 1861.  The first consul arrived in 1861.  The post became a Consulate General in 1903.  The consulate was housed in several different buildings in the early years, until moving into the iconic red brick baroque building on the Yangtze riverfront in Hankou about 1915. Today, that building is the Wuhan Human Resource Service Center located on Yanjiang Avenue.

When China’s capital was moved to Wuhan in 1937, our consulate’s building served as a temporary  U.S. Embassy to China for nearly a year.  The Consulate General in Hankou officially closed in December 1949.


Recent History

U.S. Consulate in Hankou in Old Photo

The return of a consulate in Wuhan began sooner after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.  An agreement signed between our two countries in 1981 identified Wuhan as the future site of a consulate, one of five in China.  Planning for the reopening of Wuhan’s consulate began in earnest in the early 2000s.

On November 20, 2008, the United States re-opened a Consulate General in Wuhan at our current location in the New World Trade Building in Hankou.

The Consulate General in Wuhan covers Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Hunan provinces. Since 2008 our main purposes have been to provide emergency services to American citizens in the area, promote trade, and enhance commercial cooperation between the U.S. and Central China, and to explain and share American culture with the people of central China.

The consulate had just one diplomat, the Consul General, until 2012 when a Public Affairs Officer position was added.  Our U.S. Department of Commerce’s commercial service office was officially launched in early 2015.

Wuhan Consul General

Nikolas M. Trendowski, Acting Consul General in Wuhan

Nik Trendowski joined the State Department in 2000. Most recently, before the two-year Chinese language course, he served as Consular Chief in Prague, Czech Republic. Prior to that he was consular chief in Karachi, Pakistan, Bratislava, Slovakia and Kabul, Afghanistan. He also served as visa chief in Belgrade, Serbia, as vice consul and political officer in Bratislava, Slovakia and his first tour was as vice consul in Manila, Philippines. His languages are Chinese, Slovak, Czech, Dari, Serbian, French and Spanish. Before joining the Foreign Service, Nik worked as a customer service representative and then service quality analyst at Great Western and Washington Mutual Banks.

Nik was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and then went to the University of Southern California where he graduated in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and print journalism. He is single.

Sections and Offices

Economic / Political Section (E/P)

The mission of Consulate Wuhan’s Economic/Political Section is to promote U.S. economic and political as well as environment, health, science and technology interests in our consular district.  Our reporting and outreach focuses on learning about and advancing areas of U.S.-China cooperation.  On the environmental front, we focus on issues such as climate change and clean energy, wildlife and conservation, and health and disease control.  We also report on economic and political conditions and the business climate in central China, and work with our Commerce Department colleagues to advance U.S. commercial interests.

Foreign Commercial Service

The U.S. Commercial Service in China offers valuable assistance to American businesses exporting goods and services to China. Our office is part of a global network of trade specialists dedicated to assisting U.S. commercial interests worldwide.

Trade specialists at each of our regional locations in China, including the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and five Consulates in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang and Wuhan are happy to help identify trade opportunities and local potential trading partners within their perspective regions, as well as provide invaluable information across a variety of different industry sectors.

Consulate address:
Room 4701, New World International Trade Tower I
No. 568, Jianshe Avenue
Jianghan District, Wuhan 430022

Tel: 027-8555-7791
Fax: 027-8555-7761
Website: http://2016.export.gov/china/

Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) administers all aspects of “public diplomacy” activities in the U.S. Consulate General Wuhan consular district which is comprised of Hubei, Hunan, Henan and Jiangxi provinces.  The PAS disseminates print and electronic media products and provides timely and useful information to local media.  The PAS enunciates and explains U.S. policies, while presenting American society in all its complexity so that others can understand the context of U.S. actions.  To accomplish this, the PAS creates, promotes and coordinates informational, educational and cultural exchange programs which strive to improve relations and increase mutual understanding between the peoples of China and the United States.

Consular Services

Consular Services

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