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Guangzhou American Spaces

Guangzhou’s American Spaces consist of two venues—Lincoln Hall, and the American Center. The American Center offers business-speed, unfiltered access to information about U.S. foreign policy, society, culture, and values. The American Center assists both the general public and the Consulate’s high-level target audience with free reference and research services about the United States.

Lincoln Hall is the primary venue for the Public Affairs Section’s programming for larger audiences and evening events.  Both the Lincoln Hall and the American Center program a variety of lectures, film screenings, presentations, and panel discussions with an emphasis on American politics and government, economics and trade, foreign affairs, regional security, education, and culture.  It is the mission of our American Spaces to promote U.S. values and culture through the dissemination of reliable information and the provision of effective outreach services to the Guangzhou public.

To see the programming schedule for our American Spaces please visit us at:  Sina Weibo 

You may also contact us by the following email and phone number:  GuangzhouAmCenter@state.gov and 020-38145100

*Please note that the American Center does not answer or discuss visa questions. All visa inquires should be directed to the Visas page.