A Day In the life

A Day In The life
Peace C., 24
Yahoo Designer
San Francisco, California

I wake up and get ready to catch a bus provided by my company. Each morning, I get picked up in San Francisco and dropped off at Sunnyvale, where Yahoo is headquartered.

9:15AM: At the office, I grab some breakfast (green juice, fruit, and eggs) and then head towards my desk. The first thing I do is catch up on emails and take a look at my calendar for the day.

10:30AM: I head upstairs to join a daily ‘standup’ (a progress meeting with product, engineering, and design). This helps the entire team receive an update on each other’s work and understand priorities, goals, and important announcements.

11AM: I will be speaking at our weekly company-wide meeting later today, so I head to the stage to practice ahead of time with two other coworkers. We will be sharing an update on two innovation projects the video team has been working on.

12:30PM: The video design team heads down to the main cafeteria together to grab lunch. Today, I choose to get chicken and beef with my green salad, while my coworkers decide to get sushi.

1:30PM: I utilize the next few hours working on new designs and interactions, and working closely with engineers to bring these experiences to life. I am currently working on multiple projects so it’s important for me to set up meetings with various product managers, engineers, and other designers throughout the day.

3PM: I make quick design changes for another project and ask a few colleagues if my interactions and flows make sense. Usually, we end up brainstorming a better or smarter solution, together!

4PM: It’s time for an afternoon pick-me-up, so I head downstairs to the coffee bar with a few friends from another team. I order an Americano to fuel up for the last stretch.

4:30PM: It’s time for our weekly company-wide meeting– at which thousands of employees receive updates from different teams around the company, celebrate company wins, and have an opportunity to ask questions to Yahoo executives. I get on stage to give a live demo on a video product while I see my team cheering me on out of the corner of my eye.

5:45PM: It’s Friday! I hop on the bus to return to San Francisco. Luckily, traffic isn’t too bad so I get back home in an hour and a half.

8PM: I’m trying to cook more at home so I sauté some vegetables and roast sweet potatoes.

9PM: I spend some time designing logos for a side project, since I have a call with a client tomorrow.

10PM: I get ready for bed so that I can attend an early boxing class tomorrow. This time, I’m bringing my housemate with me!

A Day in the Life: Andi from Chicago

A Day in the Life: Andi from Chicago

A day in Andi C.’s #EverydayAmerican life begins and ends with her dog Topher, but everything in between is subject to the demands of her job raising money for children’s health.

A day in the life: Adrienne from Maryland

A day in the life: Adrienne from Maryland

7:00am: I start my day by reading the Verse of the Day on my mobile Bible app. Then, I listen to my favorite morning show (The Russ Parr Morning Show) while getting ready for work. Today is one of my work-from-home days.

A Day in the Life: Eugene from Brooklyn

A Day in the Life: Eugene from Brooklyn

I’m a 40 year-old attorney and am married with two kids.  My wife works as a lawyer for the city of New York and I’ve been in my own solo private practice for the last three years. We live in a nice house in Bay Ridge, a seaside part of Brooklyn, New York, near the Verrazano Bridge.

A Day in the Life: Sean from San Francisco Sean W.

A Day in the Life: Sean from San Francisco Sean W.

10:00 am: I typically start my day at work around this time. Onthis particular day I happen to be running a few errands before work around the neighborhood of my office as last-minute prep for an event I am producing that evening.