Grant Opportunities

Jeff Koons. Tulips, 1995-2004.
Jeff Koons. Tulips, 1995-2004.

The U.S. Embassy in China offers funding opportunities for individuals and organizations operating in a variety of areas.

The U.S. Mission to China will award multiple grants to support activities that promote civic engagement, human rights, good governance, rule of law, environmental protection, education, and multilateral and economic engagement.  The maximum amount per award is US$20,000.

The application deadline will be announced in early 2019.

The goal of this grants program is to fund creative and impactful projects in China that promote civic engagement.

Updated Application will be available in early 2019.

General 424 instructions (English) 

SF 424 (English); SF 424 (中文) SF 424 Instructions  (中文)

SF 424I (English); SF 424I (中文) SF 424I Instructions (中文)

SF 424 A – Budget (English)

Budget form instructions (English) 

All SF 424 forms and other application materials must be submitted to in English.  The Chinese versions are available for reference only.

The U.S. Embassy Beijing will award multiple grants that provide Chinese audiences with the opportunity to experience and understand U.S. foreign policy, values and culture.  Generally, these awards hold a maximum amount per award of US$50,000; however, the Public Affairs Section (PAS) will consider awards of up to US$150,000 for programs that address:  A) concerns about regional security and nuclear proliferation, B) free, fair, and reciprocal trade and investment policies, or C) a free and open Indo-Pacific.

We will review program proposals in two cycles. The current application period closes March 15, 2019 and the second period will close July 30, 2019.    Applications received after March 15, 2019, will be considered in the July 30, 2019 cycle.

Application Instructions

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SF 424 (English); SF 424 (中文) SF 424 Instructions  (中文)

SF 424I (English); SF 424I (中文) SF 424I Instructions (中文)

SF 424 A – Budget (English)

All SF 424 forms must be submitted in English.  The Chinese versions are available for reference only.