U.S. Senior Researcher Program

U.S. Senior Researcher and U.S. Student Researcher Programs

The Fulbright Program supports U.S. Researchers in China each year, including Senior Research Scholars and Students. Selected candidates carry out independent research projects in close collaboration with a Chinese academic host institution, which approves the project and sponsors the visa (institutional affiliation is important in the visa process). IIE Beijing provides nominated U.S. Researchers with support for placement at a Chinese host institution and assistance in securing visa paperwork.

Additional assistance with placement is provided by the China Scholarship Council for those candidates applying to institutions that participate in the Chinese Government Scholarship program, through which nominated Fulbright researchers are eligible to receive tuition waivers. IIE Beijing also serves as the first point of contact for all U.S. Researchers as they prepare to depart to China and following their arrival, providing detailed guidance about research conditions and practical life issues.

There are different grant opportunities which include multiple locations with flexible grant dates. For more information please visit awards.CIES.org

U.S. Senior Research Scholars also receive Guest Lecture Opportunities.

To learn more about this year’s awards, please visit awards.CIES.org

For students interested in Fulbright in China, please visit http://us.fulbrightonline.org/countries/selectedcountry/china