U.S. Lecturer Program

The Fulbright Lecturer program supports approximately 15 U.S. Lecturers (who apply through and whose grants are managed through CIES) to come to China to teach courses. In addition to teaching responsibilities, U.S. Lecturers advise students, work closely with Chinese faculty and enrich the American Studies programs of participating Chinese universities. At the same time, Lecturers also learn more about China, its people, and its culture so that they may return to the United States better able to teach others about China.

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing arranges host institution placement at Chinese universities for U.S. Lecturers, as well as assistance in securing visa paperwork. U.S. Embassy Beijing also serves as the first point of contact for all U.S. Lecturers as they prepare to depart to China and following their arrival, providing detailed guidance about host universities, local conditions, and practical life issues.

“…this [Fulbright Scholarship] year was profoundly wonderful on every level – educational, transformational, eye-opening, and intensely fascinating.  We all came away from the year feeling stronger and smarter, and proud of our ability to acclimate to a very different world… As Fulbright alumni, all of us see ourselves, our country, and China in new ways, and have built a treasured network of dear Chinese friends and colleagues.

Amy Werbel, 2011-2012, US Fulbright Lecturer