Fulbright Guest Lecture Program

The U.S. Fulbright Lecturer Program focuses on the development of American studies in Chinese universities. In order to make the resources represented by the U.S. Lecturers available to the wider academic community in China, the Fulbright Guest Lecture Program financially supports Lecturers’ travel away from their host universities to make presentations to various academic audiences throughout China. If your Chinese university wishes to arrange for Guest Lectures on your campus, please contact our office for more information, but the process is quick and easy. Based on the Guest Lecture topics and contact information of the Fulbright Lecturers, Chinese universities can send an e-mail invitation directly to the Lecturer. The hosting university should provide free, adequate housing and provide the local logistics while the U.S. Lecturer is at the university. The Fulbright Program will pay for travel expenses to and from the Guest Lecture host institution once at least two lectures have been arranged.

In consultation with interested faculty members, and after choosing among the Lecture Topics and arranging for two lectures on or in the vicinity of campus, the host university should announce the event among the appropriate departments or the university at-large. We also recommend that you take this opportunity to introduce the Lecturer to the local culture and cuisine, as well as relevant university faculty.

Please contact Mr. Yang Jiawei (yangji@state.gov) or Ms. Huang Taozhen (huangtx@state.gov) with any questions or suggestions.