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Child and Family Matters
Checklist for Reporting Birth in China to U.S. Citizen Parent(s)
May 15, 2023

Complete and bring the items on this checklist to your interview.


  • You must bring the original documents, as well as single-sided photocopies.  Original documents will be returned to you after your interview.
  • You must provide English translations for all foreign language documents.  English translations do not need to be notarized or done by a professional.
  • The child must attend the interview.  Both parents must also attend the interview.  However, if the American Citizen parent cannot appear in person, please complete Form DS-5507 (Must be Notarized).

CRBA Checklist

 Child’s birth certificate (original + English translation)

 Requesting a name change

  • The name of your child that will appear on Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America (CRBA) must match exactly the name on the official birth certificate.  Phonetic Romanization of Chinese characters is acceptable.  Please note that some name change requests may not be acceptable due to government regulations.  Should you have questions, please send email to the ACS office where you’ll be reporting the birth abroad from:

Beijing ACS: BeijingACS@state.gov
Guangzhou ACS: GuangzhouCRBA@state.gov
Shanghai ACS: ShanghaiACS@state.gov
Shenyang ACS: ShenyangACS@state.gov

 Evidence of parent’s U.S. citizenship (original or certified copies if American Citizen Parent cannot appear in person)

  • A full validity U.S. passport (currently valid or expired)
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship

 Non–American Citizen parent’s ID (original + English translation if applicable)

  • Valid passport or
  • other government-issued photo identification document

 Parents’ marriage certificate (original + English translation if applicable)

  • For Chinese Marriage Certificate, page 1 (with official stamp) and page 2 are required.

 Proof of termination of ALL prior marriages for both parents (original + English translation if applicable)

  • Documentation that shows the termination of a prior marriage can include the original of a divorce certificate, a death certificate or certified copies of divorce decrees.  Divorce decrees must be issued by a court and include an embossed or wet seal.

 Evidence of physical presence (can be originals or photocopies)

  • Physical presence in the United States is one of the key requirements to transmit citizenship.  If only one of the parents is a U.S. citizen, he/she must bring proof of physical presence in the United States prior to the child’s birth.  Primary evidence that may establish your physical presence in the U.S. includes: former/current passport(s) showing immigration stamps; transcripts from high school and/or college; or DD214 Separation Statement (for military members). Secondary evidence can include: tax forms; wage statements; utility bills; and airline ticket stubs. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.  If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence, the application may be placed on hold until you submit further documentation.
  • Applicants using the eCRBA application may encounter difficulties and be required to enter periods abroad with the U.S. Armed Forces or in other U.S. Government employment, even if that’s not applicable.  If this is the case, please enter random dates and raise this issue at the time of your appointment. We will help you correct this information.

 Application fee

  • Applicants using the eCRBA application must make their payment of $100 for the CRBA online.