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Designation of PRC Foreign Nationals and Entities
July 20, 2020

DOS-SealDesignation of PRC Foreign Nationals and Entities under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act

07/17/2020 12:26 PM EDT

Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State

The Department of State joins the Department of the Treasury in announcing the designation of five People’s Republic of China foreign nationals – Ji Songyan, Zhan Longbao, Cheng Guifeng, Zheng Guangfu, and Hu Qi – and two Chinese entities – Wuhan Livika Technology Co. Ltd., and Global United Biotechnology Inc. – for their support to and involvement in the international drug trafficking operations of Chinese synthetic opioid traffickers Zheng Fujing and Yan Xiaobing and the Zheng Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO).  These designations are made pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (Kingpin Act).

In August 2019, the Department of the Treasury identified PRC national Fujing Zheng and the Zheng DTO as significant foreign narcotics traffickers pursuant to the Kingpin Act.  OFAC also designated Guanghua Zheng, a PRC national, for his support to the Zheng DTO’s drug trafficking activities; Qinsheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a Chinese entity, for being owned or controlled by Fujing Zheng; and Xiaobing Yan, a PRC national, as a significant foreign narcotics trafficker pursuant to the Kingpin Act.

Today’s action is part of a continued whole-of-government effort to crack down on fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, trafficked from China, that have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. The State Department remains committed to combating drug trafficking globally, including through programs such as the Department’s Narcotics and Transnational Organized Crime Rewards programs, that seek to disrupt and deter the illicit drug trade and transnational organized crime networks.

For more information on the individuals listed above, please contact INL-PAPD@state.gov or see https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/Pages/default.aspx.