Deputy Attorney General of the United States Rod J. Rosenstein visited Beijing

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From Monday September 25 to Wednesday September 27, Deputy Attorney General of the United States Rod J. Rosenstein visited Beijing for meetings with Minister of Public Security Guo, Procurator General Cao, and Vice Minister of Justice Xiong.  This was the first visit by the Deputy Attorney General to China. The discussion topics included the rule-of-law system of the United States, which underpins our economy, civil society, and government.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein attended and delivered remarks at the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly noting that given the complex threats we face, INTERPOL’s support for law enforcement is more important than ever.

In his remarks Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein said:

“We must not allow criminals to use our borders to shield their illegal activities.  To combat transnational crime, we must forge cross-border partnerships.  By bridging geographic and political divides, INTERPOL helps law enforcement agencies build partnerships around common, crime-fighting priorities.”

The Deputy Attorney General emphasized the dual responsibility of INTERPOL to protect the public while also protecting civil liberties and everyone’s right to privacy:

“Law enforcement authorities have dual obligations. They are responsible for protecting public safety and for protecting the civil liberties – including privacy rights – of citizens. Fulfilling those responsibilities is a continuing challenge, shaped in part by the evolving threats that we face.”

“We all share many of these challenges. We should work together to find solutions. First and foremost, we should resolve to address problems through a transparent rule-of-law system that respects individual rights and gives appropriate weight to legitimate law enforcement needs.”

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein  highlighted INTERPOL’s role as a non-political body that can assist law enforcement in stopping crime and protecting privacy interests:

“Transnational threats affect us all.  Forging partnerships across interagency lines, and across borders is critical to our common success.  That is why I am pleased to be with you today.  INTERPOL is a model of how we can work together, to protect both our citizens and our civil liberties.”