Caution: Common Financial Scam Reported Throughout China

Mission China consular sections have received reports of a financial scam that has already victimized a number of U.S. Citizens in China. While specific details differ slightly, typically callers purporting to be police officers/utility/bank representatives tell the call recipients that their accounts have been compromised by identity theft and money laundering, and insist that the victims wire their money to another account to be “investigated.”  Callers often have victims’ personal information, such as passport numbers, and direct them to authentic-looking websites showing “case information” or transfer them to the phone extension of a “higher official” who attempts to persuade the call recipient to wire money.

DO NOT wire money to anyone who calls you claiming to be law enforcement or otherwise involved with an investigation.  If you receive any suspicious calls or already have been victim of this scam, please catalogue as many case details as possible, including names, telephone and bank numbers, and email and IP addresses, file a report with your local police station, and contact the Consulate at