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Assistant Secretary Kritenbrink’s Meetings in Beijing, People’s Republic of China (PRC)
June 6, 2023


Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink and National Security Council Senior Director for China and Taiwan Affairs Sarah Beran held meetings with PRC officials in Beijing on June 5.Together with U.S. Ambassador to the PRC Nicholas Burns, the Assistant Secretary and Senior Director met with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Executive Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu and Director General of the North American and Oceanian Affairs Department Yang Tao. The two sides had candid and productive discussions as part of ongoing efforts to maintain open lines of communication and build on recent high-level diplomacy between the two countries. The two sides exchanged views on the bilateral relationship, cross-Strait issues, channels of communication, and other matters. U.S. officials made clear that the United States would compete vigorously and stand up for U.S. interests and values.Assistant Secretary Kritenbrink and Senior Director Beran also met with members of the U.S. Embassy community.