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Art for the People: The Earth
December 9, 2021


“The world can only achieve its climate goals if our [two] countries are pulling in the same direction.” –Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry

We’ve done it again! Building on the incredible success from the first-ever public art exhibition gracing the embassy walls, Art for the People, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing officially announces, Art for the People:  The Earth! Continuing the U.S. tradition of using public art to spark connections, conversations, and reactions that lead to action, Art for the People:  The Earth draws our gaze and our attention to the climate crisis. Bringing environmentally-themed examples of community street art from the United States, the works from 19 artists from diverse backgrounds are guaranteed to pique your interest and captivate your senses.

Press Release:  U.S. Embassy Beijing Announces “Art for the People:  The Earth”

Bios are provided by the artist to explain their works and background. Artists’ views are their own and do not represent the USG.