American Entrepreneur Inspires and Empowers Ethnic Minorities to Preserve Cultural Heritage in Southwest China

group photoJune 20-25, Kunming, Chengdu, Guizhou – American entrepreneur, Jason Keehn, Founder and CEO of, visited three provinces in Southwest China as part of a U.S. speaker program on entrepreneurship, socially-conscious business and cultural preservation. In Yunnan and Guizhou, two of the most diverse provinces in China, Keehn interacted with audiences consisting of students, aspiring entrepreneurs, ethnic minorities, artisans, and NGO workers on the topic of using business to preserve indigenous culture and share it globally.

In Kunming, Keehn also led an interactive workshop for design students on marketing and business, drawing from his experience building a business that sells hand-made products from around the world to support disadvantaged populations. He even evaluated the students’ designs and taught them the concept of using personal stories to market their products. In Guizhou, Keehn visited several small-scale workshops in rural areas to engage with ethnic minority artisans who preserve traditional Miao forms of embroidery, indigo dying and silver craft. Keehn shared his experience connecting small-scale artisans to the global online market and offered advice to the artisans on how to make a livelihood with their products while competing with factory-made, mass produced goods.