American Citizen Services is coming to Nanning


We will have an officer in Nanning on Tuesday, March 29 to discuss issues affecting Americans living in South China: including overseas voting, federal benefits, and other issues.  While we are not able to accept new passport applications on this trip, we can hand back passports for applicants who have already applied in person in Guangzhou, so contact us to spare yourself a potential trip back to Guangzhou!

If you have already applied for a passport in Guangzhou and would like us to bring it to you in Nanning, e-mail us at We are not able to process new passport applications on this trip.

When:                     1:00pm–2:30pm Tuesday, March 29
Where:                    Jazz Dog Cafe
Address in details:    9 Dong Ge Road, 2nd floor, behind the Guangxi Hall of the People 东葛路9号联发臻品1号楼二楼A205,杰士咖啡