The Ambassador’s 2015 Ramadan Message

As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins, Melodee and I wish Muslims throughout China and around the world Ramadan Mubarak.

Muslims of diverse origins in the United States and the across the globe observe Ramadan with the encouragement and support of friends, colleagues and neighbors of all faiths during this blessed month.

During Ramadan, Muslims take time to reflect, and this special time on the calendar is a good opportunity to listen to one another and build trust.

This mutual respect and appreciation of diversity enriches us all immeasurably.  Ramadan should be a time when we reflect on our commitment to protecting the religious freedom enshrined in the constitutions of the United States and China.

Over this past year I had the chance to visit a number of mosques, including the Eidgah Mosque in Kashgar and the Najiahu Mosque in Ningxia. I have also met and interacted with Muslims in various cities and provinces across China. Muslims represent an essential part of the rich tapestry of China’s culture — and of America’s as well.  They are part of what makes serving in China such a rewarding experience for me, my family and our entire Mission.

Along with President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and all of us, I wish all Muslims around the world a peaceful and joyful Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem!