Ambassador Baucus Visits Shanxi Province, Highlights Clean Energy Cooperation

U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Max Baucus, traveled to the cities of Taiyuan and Yangquan in northern China’s Shanxi Province from January 13 – 14, 2015, to highlight U.S.-China cooperation, especially in the area of clean energy and climate change.

One of the Ambassador’s first activities was to visit a demonstration project for clean coal technology in Yangquan City where American company LP Amina is working with Chinese power producer Gemeng International Energy to build a poly-generation power plant that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25%. U.S.-China cooperation on clean energy is important for both countries to meet the climate targets announced by the two presidents in November 2014.

During a roundtable meeting with local government officials and American and Chinese energy executives later that day, Ambassador Baucus said, “We need even more U.S. and Chinese companies working together to take full advantage of innovative technologies and to improve the environment – especially in Shanxi Province, which is one of China’s largest coal-producing areas.  Together, we can fulfill the commitments of our two presidents and help mitigate climate change so we leave our planet and the communities where we live in better shape than we found them.”

On January 13, Ambassador Baucus also met with Provincial Party Secretary Wang Rulin and Shanxi Governor Li Xiaopeng for productive discussions across a range of topics.  The Ambassador stressed that Shanxi Province is in a great position to play an even bigger role in U.S.-China cooperation by expanding its efforts to utilize clean energy technologies.

American and Chinese citizens have a long history of working together in Shanxi Province, and another reason for Ambassador Baucus’s trip was to recognize these invaluable contributions, especially those made when local governments and civil society work together.  On January 14 Ambassador Baucus visited the Taiyuan Social Welfare Institute where an American organization, Evergreen, is working with the institute to provide lifesaving services to disabled and abandoned children.  When visiting with children and foster parents at the institute, Ambassador Baucus told staff, “The work you do is so important. You are literally changing the lives of these children.”

Also in Taiyuan, Ambassador Baucus had an opportunity to explore the province’s rich cultural history at Shanxi Museum where he visited several exhibits showcasing signature items from the museum’s vast collection of ancient Chinese artifacts, including an 11th century B.C. bronze Zun from the Western Zhou Dynasty. During a local lunch in one of the provincial capital’s most famous eateries, the Ambassador enjoyed several varieties of Shanxi’s famed noodles and vinegar, and even tried his hand at making two types of local noodles under the instructions of an expert noodle maker.

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